Aluminium Doors & Window Systems

Why should I choose Aluminium window and door systems?

Aluminium’s characteristics make it the most ideal material for most constructions and as such, it is preferred by 75% of consumers and almost all Technical Engineers.

  • One of the major reasons is that aluminium systems display an exceptionally long product lifetime due to its anti-corrosive nature even under the most difficult environmental conditions.
  • Alumnium systems do not require frequent and specialized maintenance. The product can maintain its aesthetics via a simple clean, without the use of chemicals, while simultaneously protecting the environment from additional pollutants.
  • Through the process if extrusion, Aluminium can offer a large variety of profiles and consequently, unlimited design and application options.
  • Aluminium window and door systems are able to satisfy even the most demanding customer tastes because they can be catered to the desires of the end-user via the painting and anodizing processes that are available. This means that these products come in a large range of colors and textures.
  • These products also offer a high degree of security. Aluminium does not burn and hence it is fire-resistant. Furthermore, these products are more difficult to violate therefore protecting against theft.

What are its characteristics?

Aluminium is characterized by a plethora of qualities. The main characteristics include:

  • Anti-corrosive meaning it has a long product life-cycle.
  • Highly resistant to mechanical stress
  • Low-weight.
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity.

What is the role of a window or door system installed on a building?

Window and door systems comprise basic elements of a building’s construction and have the below characteristics: 

  • The entrance and exit point of the building
  • The escape route should this be required
  • The source of necessary air circulation and lighting
  • Sets the necessary conditions for the comfort of the building’s patrons and visitors
  • The orientation of the building towards the view in accordance with the site location

What are the negatives and how does it impact the energy output of the building and its user?

  • Window and door systems are one of the main building components that have a direct influence on a building’s energy consumption
  • As major “pathways” for the transfer of heat or coolness into or out of a building, they affect the temperature of the building and the heat lost during the winter or the coolness lost during the summer. 
  • There are costs associated with energy consumption. Also by consuming more energy there are greater CO2 emissions.

What are the criteria that one should consider when selecting the right window or door system?

  • The correct layout development so that the window or door system becomes a fully functional part of the building.
  • The climatic conditions of the site location.
  • The accessories that will be installed in order to reinforce the output of the aluminum systems.
  • The appropriate selection of glass facades to minimize energy losses and for the efficient management of incoming light.
  • The design elements of the space so that the window and door systems fits harmoniously with the aesthetics of the environment.

What do I gain if I choose heat-insulating aluminum systems?

  • Heat-insulating systems seal your space and limit heat loss to the bare minimum (to 1/3). In this way you can actually reduce energy consumption and the cost of heating by 1/5.
  • Aluminium, as an efficient conductor of heat, allows cool air to enter into the interior of the system, meaning that when it comes into contact with the hot air of the external environment, liquation takes place. Heat insulating systems include a special insulating material known as polyamide, which interferes with the internal and external profiles and with its interaction creates one unified profile locking the temperature to that of the interior space.
  • It reinforced the sound insulation hence reducing noise.
  • It increases the dryness of the area (that is reduces the humidity).
  • It filters out excess radiation.

Product lifecycle

The long life time value of aluminium systems reduces the need for product replacement and hence not only does its user save energy, he/she also saves money.

  • Alumnium is highly durable as compared to other materials used for door and window systems.
  • It maintains its size all year round and as such there is no erosion associated with material expansion and contraction.
  • In addition, aluminium is a light metal, which means that it does not place an additional burden on the construction , and in this way it increases the safety of the site.

Who should you speak to regarding the purchase and installation? 

VIGOR undertakes the study, design, production and installation of its window and door systems making the process quick and easy for you.

Contact us to find out more and a consultant will communicate with you as soon as possible.

Will I receive a product guarantee?

Yes. VIGOR offers a 20 year material guarantee as well as a 5 year* good performance warranty on its aluminium system product range.

*The basic prerequisite for the guarantee is the correct use of the aluminium door and/or window system and its maintenance in accordance with the terms outline by the company.