VIGOR Aluminium Systems

Quality, Assurance, Style

VIGOR Aluminium Systems is an aluminium company driven to continually enhance its offering in line with market requirements and to offer a full range of services designed for the convenience of its clients.

The company’s service offering can be divided into two broad categories. These categories are Aluminium Systems and PV Mounting Systems.

Aluminium Systems

On the Aluminium Systems side VIGOR undertakes, facilitates and installs Aluminium Systems for residential and/or business properties that are reliable, durable and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that its customers achieve the highest quality and stylish result in accordance with their original requirements. For its' appointed projects, VIGOR Aluminium Systems maintains full responsibility for their development and implementation. This gives clients the peace of mind that all their requirements will be successfully fulfilled.

PV Panels Mounting Systems

In addition, VIGOR supplies Mounting Systems to PV projects, primarily in Europe. The certified mounting systems it manufactures are comprised of robust materials including Aluminium constituents to ensure strong, weather proof, stable and safe foundations for its clients PV projects.

The Vigor Team

VIGOR Aluminium Systems has an impressive team that has a combined experience of over 30 years in the Aluminium Manufacturing, Trade and Installation Industries as well as in the PV Installation, Economics, Technical and Architectural Design industries.

Strategic Partners

In addition to the core team, the company has local partners across Europe, and consequently VIGOR is able to provide turnkey solutions to customers in Europe.

A Vigorous Vision

At VIGOR we aim to achieve a leadership position in the markets within which we operate, being Aluminium Systems and PV Mounting Systems, by continuously evolving our products in alignment with market needs. Our point of difference is our 360⁰ services range, which is designed for the convenience of our clients. It includes the initial project definition, to the material and design recommendations, as well as the final design specifications for product manufacturing, the construction of the product and finally the installation of clients’ selected aluminium and/or PV mounting systems.

VIGOR does not simply sell aluminium and mounting system equipment. Rather it holistically consults, designs, manufactures, installs and finishes the material for such system projects.