PV mounting systems

PV investments can be sizeable. It is considered to be a serious investment with its financial returns evident only in the long-term. To optimize your returns you seek to minimize your costs and maximize the security of your investment.

A part of achieving this is by ensuring the best installed quality of the equipment used, starting from the ground up with the PV Project’s very foundations. For your PV project investment you require mounting systems that you can depend on. You demand quality aluminium materials, weather resistance, sturdiness, stability and certified, safe materials to ensure the longevity of your investment.

You can depend on VIGOR  for the production and installation of reliable, safe and high-quality aluminium PV Mounting Systems for your PV Project. VIGOR’s products are certified given that they are designed and manufactured in accordance with global product standards (Eurocode, JIS, etc). VIGOR Aluminium Systems provides integrated solutions for PV mounting systems, for application in PV park projects, commercial PV systems & residential PV systems, and with the ultimate aim of maximizing the project’s return on investment (ROI).

VIGOR offers the below certified mounting systems: